– About Us –

Who are we?

Pastry d’Edi is made based on a traditional Hungarian family recipe in The Mall Jumeirah in Dubai. The owner of the shop is a Hungarian woman, which is why our whole concept is about women, for women. We have been making ‘retes’ and operating shops in Hungary for 12 years, which guarantees the required knowledge and routine behind the goods of Pastry d’Edi. The dough is made using the traditional procedures practiced in Hungary, the fillings, however, are adjusted to the local Dubai and international trends – having desserts is a real multicultural journey with us.

What is our goal?

We would like to introduce the beloved Hungarian ‘retes’ to the people of Dubai in the form of Pastry d’Edi. In the first such shop of the city you can not only buy appetizing pastries but also salty cakes and coffee specialties, which make the experience a whole. We do not only provide food for our customers, but they may also observe the dough being rolled and prepared in our open-view bakery. Believe us, there is no sight more interesting than the dough spreading out on a huge table according to Hungarian fashion, because it just keeps on stretching, and stretching, and stretching…